Certificates of Analysis

Not all CBD is created equal,which is why we vetted dozens of growers to find the highest quality of clean, organically grown CBD in America. Molly J partners with Vertosa, an active ingredient manufacturer that uses well known and accredited third party analytical labs to test all incoming, in process and final products to meet and exceed industry regulations using validated methods from the AOAC, Cannabis Monograph/AHPA Guidance, and relevant local guidance. We’ve included two Certificate of Analysis (COA) documents below, including:

1. The passing COA for CBD testing of pesticides, solvents, heavy metal, mycotoxin, and other residues.

2. The passing COA for our standard dose CBD gumdrop to test accurate cannabinoid dosage and a broad spectrum makeup. Our standard dose gumdrop includes 4.11mg of CBD for every gram. On average, one gumdrop weighs 7 grams for a total of 28.77 mg of CBD in our standard dose gumdrop.

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CBD Potency

Cannabinoid profile

Screen for pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, etc.

Chill 25

Chill 50