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We got our start with woman-to-woman education parties, sharing our take on CBD along with the Molly J. list of favorite products for the modern-day woman.

As a trusted CBD brand, we’ve tried it all. High quality treats with a delicious taste and a decent price didn’t exist yet, so we created our own. We make our gumdrops by hand in small batches using natural fruit flavors and Hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD that’s organically grown here in America.

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CBD can provide natural relief from anxiety, stress, depression, and pain without the high. With luxe packaging and a delicious taste, our gumdrops are the perfect gift for everyone in your life. Including you.

How to explore CBD


What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant known for its wide variety of medicinal qualities and non-psychoactive effects.

What is CBD vs. THC?

The cannabis plant has hundreds of cannabinoids, of which CBD and THC are the two most prevalent. THC is often used for its psychoactive effects (read: to get high) while CBD is used as a natural wellness tool for balance, anti-anxiety, relaxation, and anti-inflammatory.

What is broad spectrum?

CBD products can be Isolate (just CBD), Full Spectrum (CBD plus THC and the rest of the plant)—or, as a middle ground, Broad Spectrum (CBD and the rest of the plant, minus THC). Full and broad spectrum are optimal for best results.


Find your chill at the end of a long day, every month.

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Making it right

No plant should be illegal, and no person who needs it should be put in prison.

Let’s be clear: while the businessmen and women of today’s cannabis industry continue to innovate and make a profit, the businessmen and women of yesterday’s cannabis industry spend their days in prison. It’s not right, and we strongly believe in doing what we can to make cannabis accessible—and equitable—for all. That’s why a portion of our profits each month goes to NORML.org for cannabis legalization and Last Prisoner Project to free incarcerated cannabis prisoners.

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Cannabis can be confusing. We continue to provide education to women through our newsletter and events because we think there’s still a lot to learn.

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