We believe in balance over burnout, the permission to leisure, and that chill is a form of wellness. We do one thing and we do it well: high quality, handcrafted plant powered gumdrops.

From Our Founder, Shaina Kerrigan

It hit me at 36. I was a career-driven mom of two, feeling the pressure to work more, do more, and be more. Trying to juggle it all left me burnt out, sleep deprived, and unable to give myself the permission to slow down. I knew I needed to find a better solution to take the edge off and find some much needed balance. Starting with a new life mantra that everyone deserved to chill, Molly J. was born.

A better way to relax

I set out on a mission to find a healthier source of relief than alcohol, leading me deep into the world of vitamins, supplements, and botanicals. Alongside a team of chefs, food scientists, and medical professionals, we set out to create a new ritual to rival the wine so many Moms like myself had been reaching for. Together, we landed on an idea: Create a beautifully packaged botanical gumdrop that feels like a treat and special ritual at the end of a long day.

Quality is Everything

From the start, we knew that quality needed to be the foundation of our small batch gumdrops, so we meticulously vetted our supplement cultivators and manufacturers to find the absolute best fit. We spent almost a year developing our own proprietary gumdrop recipe and another few months perfecting the gift-worthy packaging, all in an effort to create a product to be proud of.

Find your chill. Be the chill. Find your chill. Be the chill. Find your chill. Be the chill.

We’re Just Getting Started

In January 2020, Molly J. debuted our very first gumdrop – the Chill formula in Berry flavor – to rave reviews. We now have three proprietary formulas to Chill, Sleep, and Revive in eight mouthwatering flavors to find the perfect fit. We launched our loyal Molly J. Club — a growing community of VIPs who receive monthly doses of chill along with special perks and gifts straight from our team. On our mission to replace burnout with balance, we’re so proud of how far we’ve come and so energized for the road ahead. As always, thanks for supporting us. 

Shaina + the Molly J. team